Data and Wireless

Aware of the importance of Data Processing Centers (DPC) in companies where the resources are concentrated for information processing of an organization and through communication networks can be accessed immediately anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, reliably and safely, we developed a range of cutting-edge technology to meet the requirements of our data center customers. We have personnel qualified and certified in design and implementation of data center equipment, specializing in the following applications:
Wireless technology has become the ideal complement for wired networks in situations where you have to implement a temporary and immediate local network, or when you have to connect a station or an isolated workgroup with difficult access, bring mobility to users or connect stations in historic buildings without drilling a single brick, in addition to providing great flexibility in applications for all types of businesses or institutions, computers with wireless technology are the ideal solution in terms of cost benefit.
RETO counts on qualified personnel and the expertise to design and implement different solutions in wireless networking: