Ideal Video Surveillance And Access Control Solutions

RETO offers physical security solutions which have added value within the industry due to their 360º composition, which can be adapted to the needs of each client since using the same infrastructure for physical and computer security systems can deliver real benefits across different departments. Our technological offer in physical security solutions combines the benefits of the best possible products, video surveillance, access control and monitoring systems for the protection of real estate, infrastructure and other assets of our clients

Control de acceso

Hoy en día es necesario contar con una infraestructura de seguridad que permita mantener un control total de los accesos en áreas críticas, para con esto evitar accesos no permitidos y controlar el acceso de los autorizados. RETO puede proporcionarle soluciones de control de acceso para todas las áreas y en diferentes escalas como un elemento básico de seguridad; podemos desarrollar soluciones para todos aquellos lugares que trata de proteger de forma física o incluso información confidencial de personas no autorizadas. Estas soluciones podemos desarrollarlas basadas en biometría y por medio de tarjetas de acceso.


En RETO le podemos ofrecer un sistema de videovigilancia con una visión integral, en donde puede llevar un monitoreo detallado y en tiempo real. Le ofrecemos el diseño, instalación y monitoreo de sistema de videovigilancia, servidores de grabación y analíticos de video que se podrá adecuar a sus necesidades. Permítanos crear la solución de videovigilancia ideal para crear un entorno más confiable y seguro. Algunas de las soluciones que le podemos ofrecer son:

Video Surveillance

RETO can provide a video surveillance system with a comprehensive vision, where you can carry out detailed and real-time monitoring. We offer you the design, installation and monitoring of a video surveillance system, recording servers and video analytics that can be adapted to your needs. Let us create the ideal video surveillance solution to create a more reliable and secure environment. Some of the solutions we can offer you are:

Line Crossing and Entry - Exit Area

Reduce the crossing of intruders or theft, we configure alerts when a line or a certain area is crossed

Lost / Left Item

It detects if an object was stolen from an area, or if a new object has been left in a certain area.

People Counting - Entry and Exit

Control or limit the number of people who pass through a door, being able to distinguish exits and entrances.

Face Capture

Capture faces quickly and accurately with our solution, which we can tailor to client needs.

Patent Recognition (LPR)

Control and register vehicle patents and management of the respective information such as license plates, make and model of vehicle.

Heat maps

You can see a color-coded map of how long shoppers spend in specific areas of the store.

Queue detection

With this technology you can keep track of the number of people in each queue by means of cameras, and if there are too many people, it activates an alarm that warns of the need to open a new checkstand

Facial recognition

Identify the people who are being recorded after registering in a database.

Integration with alarms

We can connect alarms to cameras, such as dry contacts or integration with access control to increase the security system.

Access Control

In order to avoid unauthorized access and to control the access of authorized ones, nowadays it is necessary to have a security infrastructure that allows one to maintain a total control of the accesses in critical areas. RETO can provide you with access control solutions for all areas and at different scales as a basic security element; We can develop solutions for all those places that you try to protect physically or even confidential information from unauthorized persons. We can develop these solutions based on biometrics and through access cards.