Technological Offer

Learn about our offer of ideal solutions for your company.

Unified Communications

Aware of the technological convergence and the current needs of the corporate world where the traffic and volume of information has increased.

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RETO offers the best combinations of solutions to achieve a secure computer ecosystem and ensure the correct use of your information.

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Network Infrastructure

The experience, highly specialized staff and alliances with leading manufacturers in the industry, give us the support to guide our clients on the journey towards digital transformation.

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Structured Cabling

At RETO we create comprehensive projects with certified and high-quality materials, we help you develop a consolidated and safe technological infrastructure for daily performance in your network, reducing risks or other technical incidents.

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Physical Security

At RETO we have physical security solutions which have added values ​​within the industry due to their 360º composition, which can be adapted to the needs of each client.

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Network and IT Monitoring

RETO can provide our clients the monitoring service through various modules focused on different purposes: NPM, QoE, NTA, Compliance and LEM. These modules allow the detection and mitigation of problems in your network infrastructure to minimize the operational and economic impact on your business.

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Traffic and Network Visibility

The current challenges for an optimal management of the network and IT infrastructure imply ensuring a good user experience on these platforms, therefore, it is important to have tools that allow them to maintain their optimal performance.

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