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Success stories

Throughout 32 years we have worked to provide tailor-made solutions in each of our projects, these are the most representative success stories that we have developed.


Installation of video surveillance in Queretaro

Installed Solutions: Video surveillance Equipment with Back bone Objective: Installing and enabling Wireless Network infrastructure for 350 video surveillance cameras. Installing Harris and Radio Back bone foundation Red Line to service installed cameras.


AICM Unified Communications

Installed Solutions: Telephone Data Network Objective: Integration of IP phone system for AICM Terminal 1. Design and integration of RED LAN equipment.


Data Network Cabling

Installed Solutions: Data Network Structured Cabling Objective: Managing Data Network and WiFi, with approximately 7000 users. Design data network to support operation and implementation of equipment. Service Contract for network equipment in multigames area. Design and integration of updated infractructure for Estadio Azteca. Design, implementation, support and maintenance of structured cabling infrastructure for Grupo Televisa.


Airports and Auxiliary Services Unified Communications. Mexico City Airport

Installed Solution: Telephonic and Unified Communications Network wireless LAN Equipment Objective: Design and implementation of IP telephone, for 1,800 users, while supporting 60 remote sites. Design and implementation of wireless telephone system and voice mail for 1,800 users. Design and implementation of communications network for 1,800 users.


Unified communications of technology substitution ASE

Installed Solutions: Unified Telephone Network Equipment Objective: Technological substitution of voice and data dedicated for 12 new wireless links in the 4.9 GHz band, with Redline AN-80i radio in configuration with PTP links. Reutilization and maintenance of customer’s own infrastructure. Increased capabilities to existing switches. Pre-engineered wireless links to 42 sites throughout the state of Mexico. Installation of 12 towers of varying heights; 12 PTP wireless links, maintenance of 21 existing links. Relocation of 4 existing towers configuration of licensed switches and 180 phones. Structured cabling in each of the nodes involved for wireless and local telephone services links. CISCO platform integration throughout the project.


Installation of video surveillance in Manzanillo

Installed solutions: Mallada Metropolitan Network Video Surveillance Objective: Design, installation and configuration of the video surveillance system for 81 cameras, 51 PTZ, 6 thermal cameras in addition to still cameras . Design, installation and configuration of 35 Tropos equipment for Metropolitan Mesh Network.. Installation of 5 handsets, 7 wireless back bone links and management platform for video surveillance.


Communication video surveillance system

Installed Solutions: Mallada Metropolitan Network Network Video Surveillance Objective: Design and Installation of Mallada Metropolitan Network to provide connection to 100 cameras. Design and Installation of external equipment for installed cameras.


Unified Communications of technology substitution ASE

Installed Solutions: Telephony Videoconferencing Security Data Network Data Recording System and Metering of Telephonic Structured Cabling Structured Cabling Objective: Design and integration of switches to 3700 users, which has a central PBX and 24 remote locations. Implementation of Audio Conference with Bridge technology. Design and implementation of LAN and WiFi infrastructure with IVR, recording and metering system for audits and call control. Design and implementation of structured cabling for voice and data nodes, communications links for telecommunications rooms, MDF and IDF's. Structured cabling design and installation for Data Center with links to internal communication equipment.


Structured cabling

Installed Solutions: Cabling Objective: Design and installation of communications infrastructure, structured cabling. Design and installation of copper and fiber optic cabling for Data Center Chapultepec.


Mallada Metropolitan Network. Video surveillance.

Installed Solutions: Mallada Metropolitan Network Video surveillance Objective: Design and installation of Mallada Metropolitan Network infrastructure to provide Internet access to end users, installing nearly 170 computers at client site. Installation of video surveillance cameras operating in Mallada Network


Telephone Structured Cabling

Installed Solutions: Telephone Structured Cabling Objective: Engineering of structured cabling and pipeline for Contact Center in the City of Queretaro, more than 5,000 nodes in category 6A with over 30 fiber optic links over 100 meters long. Supervised installation of structured cabling system and pipeline infrastructure. Design and installation in Santa Fe Financial Floor with approximately 1000 storage nodes 6A category, and installed more than 3500 meters of fiber optics. Data Center Queretaro, Installation of nodes and fiber optic links between computers. Telephone integration system for 170 users, featuring Session Manager and SIP technology.


Migration of 22 secured sites within a 24 hour period

Installed Solutions: Telephone and Unified Communications solutions. Avaya Aura Communication Manager. Objective: Licensing update of Foundation Suite to 19 remote sites throughout the Republic of Mexico. Configuration in ESS mode for 3 sites. One hundred percent voice platform migration completed within 24 hours.



Installed Solutions: Mallada Metropolitan Network. Objective: Design and installation of Mallada Metropolitan Network infrastructure to provide access to Internet for end users in the area of Polanco , installation of 900 TROPOS equipment.


Unified communications

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